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Tube Downloader Add on for Safari

13 Haziran 2013 | | Yorum Yok

Its amazing addons for Safari Browser. There are many similar add on for Chrome, Firefox or IE but There a few add-on for Safari. And these few add-ons are, well there are expansive(around 20-25$).
126518  This add-on is still improving and it support few tube kind of sites. But don’t worry it will be add new tube site as fast as possible.

Here is the list that add-on will support.

  • dailymotion
  • xhamster(work!)
  • metacafe
  • vevo
  • tube8(work!)
  • badjojo
  • pornhub
  • …etc

And after we done these list. We are gonna add ability of link generator for these tube kind of sites.

What is Link Generator

Link Generator provide us to get file from another server. For example. In my country some tube sites are blocked. I cant watch video without change DNS or use VPN. That is really annoying. With this add-on, we cant reach and watch video web site, however we can get video download link instead of that. Its all gonna be cool.

Plus, When you pay for this add-on, you can get newer version of Tube Downloader Add-on.

Lastly If you donate me more than 5$ you get this add on for free and newer updates too.(6TL is around 3$)

Thank you

6.00 TL – Öde

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